Norman “Tho” Bishop, a third generation Floridian, was born at Bay Medical Center in Panama City and grew up attending Patronis Elementary and Surfside Middle School before graduating from Arnold High School in 2007.

Tho has always taken pride in his community, participating in service projects such as volunteering for the Red Cross food banks set up at the beach for the Hurricane Katrina victims, and being selected for the Junior Leadership Bay program. Having experienced firsthand the great lessons learned through organized youth sports, Tho volunteered as an assistant coach with the Barracuda Youth Football program. When the BP Deep Horizon oil spill threatened Bay County, he moved back home from Orlando and worked as a HAZWOPER certified technician for GAC.

Tho is a student of American history, economics and political philosophy. His work on economics earned him a position on the House Financial Services Committee following the success of the Tea Party in the 2010 elections. Serving as Deputy Communications Director for the committee, Tho aided the Republican majority in educating Americans about the consequences of President Obama’s Dodd-Frank Act and worked with Dr. Ron Paul’s office in their oversight of the Federal Reserve and passage of the 2012 “Audit the Fed” bill.

Tho’s intellectual influences include Alexander Hamilton, Frederick Bastiat and Ludwig von Mises.