“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

– Ronald Reagan

Some claim that we live in an America that the Founders could not imagine. I disagree. We live in an America the Founders feared. Instead of following their wisdom, our leaders have dismissed them as antiques – the result is a government too big not to fail.

Unfortunately, I see many of the same problems in Tallahassee that we face in Washington DC:

  • A Constitutional crisis – with those responsible for protecting us from abuses of the Federal government failing to do so.
  • A government that spends too much.
  • A system rigged to favor special interests over those of the people.
  • A general lack of accountability for those who have power and abuse it.
  • A gradual loss of our God given individual rights.
  • The status quo isn’t working, and there are no simple fixes to the challenges we face as a community, as a state or as a country. What we need now, more than ever, are state legislators willing to fight tough fights and act on principle.

As you learn more about me and my vision for Florida, I hope you will stand with me as I seek to represent my home in the Florida capital.

I believe together we can build a better tomorrow!